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Cost Estimation

Consistent Cost Management includes cost estimations, project cost control and a final project review. We provide probabilistic methods to consider uncertainties and increase the value of information for forecasting base cost and risks.

Conducted with software RIAAT.

Project Cost Control

Software used for project cost control should be flexible enough to fully reflect the requirements of the project or the company. The opposite method, adapting the project to the limitations of standard software, should be avoided. Coaching by experts with many years of experience on high-profile projects ensures that the unique challenges of your project will be successfully mastered.

Conducted with the software RIAAT.


Project Analyses - 2nd Opinion

Accompanying project validation in different aspects (e.g., feasibility, cost, risk, schedule) according to the four-eyes principle.

Conducted with software RIAAT.

Project Review

A retrospective analysis with a focus on project base scope changes, a project review allows the evaluation of the present systems -> Lessons Learned.

Conducted with software RIAAT.

Determination of the Bid Price by Considering Uncertainties

Total costs are probabilistically determined by aggregating Total Production Costs (Production Costs + General Overhead + Construction Interests) and Risk Costs. The result of this analysis is a distribution that is used to determine the Bid Price. This distribution provides additional information about the probability to over- or under-run the Bid Price.

Bid Price Risk Analysis_F00.pdf

Geo Risk Engineering

A combination of geotechnical processes and risk analysis methods, this system is supported by the advantages of sophisticated risk analysis.

Sustainable Construction Management

A Holistic sustainability assessment is provided by applying the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and Social Performance Assessment (SPA) methodologies for built infrastructure systems and all types of construction.