Markus Spiegl

Markus SPIEGL Dipl.-Ing. Dr.

(t) +43 512 294743-40

(m) +43 664 54 34 962


Dr. Markus Spiegl is a managing partner and a sworn and court-certified expert in the fields of costing, contracting and tendering, construction management and accounting, civil engineering in general as well as tunneling and gallery construction.

Markus Spiegl studied civil engineering at the University of Innsbruck. After his diploma thesis with Prof. Seeber at the Institute of Hydraulic and Tunnel Engineering, he started his professional career in the private sector. From there, he moved to the Institute for Construction Management and Construction Economics at the University of Innsbruck to work with Univ.-Prof. Schneider and completed his doctorate there with the topic "An alternative concept for risk distribution and compensation regulation in the realization of infrastructure by means of Public Private Partnership under International Competitive Bidding - With a focus on the underground construction of hydropower plants".

Markus Spiegl holds all professional examinations (master builder 2001, civil engineer 2001, expert 2002). Since 2001 he is managing partner at SSP BauConsult GmbH and since 2009 additionally at RiskConsult GmbH. In addition, he is involved in several specialist working groups and interest groups and is the author of a large number of specialist articles.