Scalable RM

From large projects such as tunnel projects to small projects in building construction RiskConsult is at your side with the appropriate method for every project size and complexity.

Using the cost components as a reference, risk management is scalable, based on project size and phase in three categories. Category A shows the process for small projects, Category B deals with standard projects and category C is suitable for large projects.

The choice of process category is determined by three factors:

  • Expected cost

  • Additional factors: complexity, relevance and public perception

  • Project phase

In order to provide practical support for risk-based cost estimation, the project risk analysis tool PRAT Project was developed in the course of the BMVI research project. The tool is programmed in Excel VBA and consists of several modules, which cover the entire spectrum of the necessary tools for projects of the categories (A, small projects) and (B, standard projects).

Category C projects also require capable dedicated software solutions (e.g., RIAAT).