RAMS analyzes potential failures during the project planning phase. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), the foundation of RAMS, quantifies all relevant factors to evaluate the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of a project.

What is RAMS?

RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) is a process to avoid failures already in the planning stage of projects. RAMS Management ensures that systems are defined, risk analyses are performed, hazards are identified and detailed reviews and safety cases are executed and reported. One specific goal is to provide hard evidence to achieve authorization for operations.

  • Evaluation of system reliability: Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM), as well as testing wether the system meets all safety requirements (RAMS).

  • Modeling of complex scenarios leads to a better understanding of the interrelationships, causes and effects. Supported by probabilistic methods for mapping uncertainties.

  • Evaluation of critical failure combinations (minimum cut sets) and presentation of the optimization potential through comprehensive evaluation options.

the RAMS Info-Poster for download:

The Info-Poster explains the theory and application of Probability Safety Value Analysis with the help of a practical example.

Probabilistic Safety Value Analysis_en_F00.pdf


The fault tree analysis is the core of RAMS and is used to map the functional system and to quantify the decisive variables for the evaluation of the reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of the system.

For this purpose, all components of the system are evaluated and systematically analyzed for their effect on the overall system.

  • Strong visualizations support the creation of transparent system models

  • Identifies control measures and shows what a company is doing to control these hazards.


RAMS complies with the relevant norms and regulations (ISO 31000, ISO 31010).

Process in Detail

RAMS is not part of the three RIAAT editions, but can be purchased as an add-on. For more information, see Editions + Prices.